I explore All Ways to find the Tao - Omni-Universalism

PREAMBLE: I'm an Eccentic Late-Bloomin' Self-Realized & Actualized TRANS-Asperger's type PERSONALITY. At Best, I posess SNAFU Reasoning conjoined with FUBAR Logic with a "Complicatedly Complimenting Complex" riding Shotgun while Back-Seat Driving Bilocatedly which is (generally) INVERTED cognition compared to AnyThing else that's regarded compos mentis. I'm apt to be rather Digressive so any scribbling left here is subject to Constant Change [OXY!]. Articles will be 'tweaked & twiddled' routinely until I figure out my rules.

I (attempt to) employ Wayist Principles, here's a Creed:

To penetrate the mysteries, to bless with a good conscience, to be great and yet empty, to return to stillness and be forgiving, to be compassionate and to deliver all people, to do good deeds and help people reach the other shore these are the great benefits of our path of cultivation.

To calm people in stormy times, to help them understand the nature of things, to maintain purity, to nourish all things, to respect all life, and to answer the needs of those whose beliefs come from the heart.

These are the services Wayism can offer.

St. Siphor 3d Century CE

Our Five Principles of Faith however goes a long way to defining Wayism but it is not exhaustive since there are many culturally sensitive expressions of our Way. You will find that every expression of Wayism incorporates at least 99% of the Five Principles of Faith. Five Principles of Wayism

1. We believe in One Power, One Source, One Ultimate, One God (or Grand Design). There is only one Force underlying all of creation seen or unseen, matter, or anti-matter, in all universes. This One Force is the Architect, the Source, and the Essence of all. This One Ultimate Power is God, which is thus essentially Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient (& Omnibenevolent). Within God resides the ultimate Yin and Yang, which is the Personality of all Energy.

2. We believe in the Potential Divinity of Humankind. We are spiritual beings created in the image and likeness of God. As children of God we are endowed with creative ability. As children, we are evolving into maturity through the process of theosis. Theosis is the purpose of life for humans—to evolve into being like Christ. Each time we take on a human birth our potential creates a human body and a soul (mind), to serve us during that cycle. It is our explicit responsibility to care for our souls and bodies as a craftsperson cares for her tools. Without proper care, we cannot craft this life to serve us toward theosis. A wasted life is one in which we did not grow into our full potential, and maybe the most severe sin of all. In Jesus the Saviour, whose teaching we follow, we have a perfected Brother at one with the Energies of God our Mother and Father.

3. We believe in finding the knowledge of Good and Evil. One of our purposes in life is to gain the True knowledge of good and evil. In reality evil is anything that leads contrary to theosis and good is everything that leads to theosis. However, humankind's limited rational ability often defines evil according to human likes, dislikes, and current societal vogue. Humans fear pain, death and suffering, and often define these, and everything we do not understand, as evil. To gain the True knowledge of Good and Bad we need to gain the wisdom of it to see it from God's viewpoint. We create by our thinking, and we should learn to create good rather than evil. Sin is any wilful action or thought that, as an arrow shot from a bow, aims to miss the target which is theosis.

4. We believe in the Laws of Nature. By the Grace of God the universes are endowed with natural laws and forces which govern our family's co-habitation in creation. These laws of nature assist stellar systems and molecules to vibrate and move according to their purpose; and help to keep humanity on its path of theosis. We take special cognisance of the following Laws:
• The law of Karma returns to us whatever thoughts, actions and inactions we project into the universes to afford us the luxury to experience first-hand that which we give unto others—and learn from it at some stage.
• The law of Dharma helps us to never forget what our duty and task is for this lifetime. The ‘word of God is written in our souls,” as Scripture says. The law of gravity attracts things to large masses to keep them grounded, similarly within the principles of the law of Dharma are teachers and Light Bearers such as The Saviour brought to our level of cognisance when we are ready for their teaching.
• As the laws of cohesion, adhesion, and diffusion cause some things to be attracted to one another and other things to be kept at a distance—whatever we may do to work against the Laws of nature, in the end, even be it in pain and seeming catastrophe, we will be helped back on the theosis track by the Laws of the universe.
• Metanoia is the most powerful gift God put into our hands. We have ‘free will' because of metanoia. Metanoia is the power to reprogram our souls (minds) to think differently and therefore to create differently. Whatever we think (will), consciously or subconsciously--we create. Unlike microchips and lower animal minds, we have the gift of re-programmability. We have to consciously work to program our souls to will (and create) better circumstances; healing rather than disease, happiness rather than sadness, ecstasy rather than dull existence, and growth rather than decadence. Prayer does not change Good but changes our souls; meditation gives the soul quality time with God's Energies and our angels; contemplation allows the soul to search beyond this realm for answers and guidance in the Source of all knowledge—these vehicles we use to facilitate metanoia. If we will not programme ourselves, the prevailing group-mind will think for us.

5. We believe in Love. Love is a state of being, a condition of soul, and it is an action. Love is thus both a noun and a verb. There is no love present if it is not evident in one's actions and thoughts. Because love is a state of soul, it colours our thoughts and necessarily creates love around us. Only in practicing love do we learn about ourselves and we evolve as human beings. Only in practising love and being in love do we gain wisdom which transcends knowledge—the wisdom of mysticism. Love, therefore, is the higher form of knowledge, the gateway to Wisdom. The Truth can be known by this only, and the Truth shall set us free.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

(Conventional) Sex instructions 101

A Pole!

A Hole!

Repeat as necessary

Sex 101, for those with "descended gonads"

Up Periscope! 
Torpedoes AWAY‼‼
Down Periscope¡
Silent Running ¿
(usually for some time)

Monday, 1 September 2014

School Life

Posted a piece about my family life and did my best to confine it within such.  Here's I'll be describing my early life outside the home.

My father said I was 'perfectly normal' until the point where I immediately had difficulty getting along with other kids.  Being born with (undiagnosed for decades) Asperger's, my yardmates quickly found it great fun by teasing me until I 'lose it' and then I got scapegoated for starting the trouble in the 1st place.  Don't have much recall before kindergarten but do remember being unpopular and mainly only desired for comic effect or another kid to get their jollies from, vent their frustrations on (Psych problems begin early in dysfunctional families, more common than believed) or, usually both a the same time. 

The teasing was relentless and even some teachers thought I was a born trouble-maker.  In grade school, this was bad enough (know now that I had clinical depression by Grade 6) but when I was placed into an all-male Catholic school, I had no say in this matter, Mom thought it would be 'better for my sister & I'. 

The very 1st week I was there, got raped by a couple of seniors in the change room, even though I still have the year book, I cannot recall the ones who did this to me, perhaps all for the better.  The bullying escalated into a daily ordeal, usually with beatings a few time a week too.  One rationale from one;

"You got me in detention yesterday (from getting caught bothering me), 
and since that was YOUR fault, I'm entitled to to beat you up for that" 

Other times I get 'ambushed' from behind walking to the bus, but after they gave a few hits, they then run away. 

Had no peace in some classes either, people would walk by and smack me while the teacher wasn't looking and the other students would say I started it.  Many of the brothers also got their kicks by constantly making me an example for the others, a few of them were later convicted with 'playing with the kiddies' at an orphanage on thhe other side of the country, won't go into details, but it was international news then.  Can likely look that up.

When a new High School opened nearby, my sister and I both PLEADED to be enrolled there, she never told me what happened at her school, but (also) now realizing that she was an Aspie, likely as crappy as my experience.  But the students there just resumed the teasing that happened while in Grade School.  This came to a sudden stop when a guy was trying to erase my attendance on the sign-in sheet at the library and shoved him aside to rewrite, resulting in getting 2 punches to my face, breaking my glasses and having the stump from the arm cutting my forehead, requiring a couple sttiches.  A couple of 'witnesses' provided testimony so ridiculous and was promptly dismissed and my assailant was suspended for a few days just before spring break.  After this, looks like everybody 'grew up' and the teasing abruptly ceased.  With the residual Psychology I've amassed, the damage has already been done. 

As a result of this, I didn't get very good marks, which after my father read, he would bawl me out &/or beat me for them.  During this time, my sister was having major health problems, and I was expected to keep quiet about this.  My mother being an advanced alcoholic at this point didn't help things. 

After finishing Grade 12, falling a credit short of Graduation, my father pushed me into college, did well on some courses (of which I took my marks back to High School and then got a Diploma a few years later) but having such a bad taste in my mouth from regular school, I gave up after only a year.  That might have been a good thing, if I kept to my studies (Geology), I would have finished just in time for a Recession to hit, leaving little demand for my training for several years. 

Kept this short and decided not to name people or events but left a 'clue' for a later atrocity. 

Next, my pre-diagnosis Adult life. 

Kozmo 1409011201

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Hypergraphia into electrons

Back from a long absence having,  after many suggestion too, that I need to share some wisdom, maybe some folly too, read like an oracle (can be an orifice too, same root), as well as own neologia, fave quotes, twisting some, and other vigorous wordhefting 

Some entries that I've posted on Urban Dictionary, sent some to Webster too.  One ambition is to have 2 or more word entered in the OED, if Homer does it with "D'oh!", believe I can top that   

The Psychological version of his 3rd Law ("for every action… ) of Motion.

Alluded to in Matthew 7:1, "Judge not… "

Unlike Physics, tends to build into a frenzy, 
akin to one upping & pissing contest, not settle down.
The 'turd' reference is from apeshit, from a the practice of an enraged ape,
takes or finds his recent dump and hurls at what's bothering it
Counselors & Priests see plenty of Newton's Turd in action
when dealing with marital & relationship problems
September 21, 2013

What those "who think how we should think" and if any varies in the slightest, get treatment that makes the Inquisition look like Club Med.
Portmanteau of 'psycho-' (mind) & 'orthodoxy' (right opinion), actually a continuation of the Mental Hygiene arm of Eugenics and a possible prophecy of Orwell's 1984 & other dystopias
When you need to see a psychiatrist, you need to be a nice circus lapdog and keep her/him from thinking (if they do) that you're too deviant from their (&/or superiors) Psychodoxy since they have God-like power to make your life (more) miserable, with no appeal, those often make things worse
November 25, 2013
1. A derogatory term for fanatical UFO buffs (q.v. ambulance*, for some most? lawyers).

2. an inverted Boilermaker with a glass of beer sitting on a small plate with some Bourbon in it.
A saucer chaser fanatics group went to the pub after a fruitless evening and washed down their sorrows with plenty of their namesakes.
November 11, 2011
A type of Tea Party (oxymoron if tea's only thermoliquid) RedNeck who resemble a noted bigot from the TV series 'All in the Family' "worked" to resemble a kind of dinosaur. The 'saurus' homonym is a reference to their predeliction to spend most of their home time sitting in the easy chair (alphas) or couch (betas) so long that they get bedsores on their posteriors, hence their cranky altitude/disdain for anybody/thing that differs from their monomaniunidirectional perspective.
I think most Liberals find their fathers to behave like ArchieBunkerSoreAssh***?s. the bracketed appendix is a possible Karmic factor for their discomfort (all they do is spew s***). Possible opposite of Anal Rententive (expulsive?) but still likely unpleasant to be around if one has more imagination than a rutabaga. Odd Couple (Republican codependents?).
November 10, 2011

A rephrasing of the acronym PTSD , the (often) consequent behavior of those who were (or currently) traumatized.
Changed the 2nd part more noun than sdjevtive so as to generalize as it can be imprinted by just hearing (or percieving) unpleasant news as well as actual physical harm. 
The 3rd part personalizes as this describes the afflicted rather than the stressor by which the 4th (last) i.e. (usually) crappy altitude has been modified from (original Psychology term) PTSD.
A (very) common result is that those afflicted tend to use the trauma(s) as a "crutch" rather than recovering in a healthy way, becoming pity whores and/or control freaks to most people they interact with in their lives, often cynical wet blankets and bragplainers
Many handicapped/infirm and/or dispirited people tend to develop Post-Trauma Survivor Disposition of which rather than enjoying Life, makes those around them exploited and/or miserable
by Kozmo the WordWíld December 12, 2013

Role-neutral term for caretaker and caregiver.

The verb suffixes of those imply one is rewarding or denying the other,

from'tend', meaning to act as an attendant + -er to make it the same verb noun
"Did you hear about what great work the new caretender at … … has done for the transfolk recovering there?"
December 18, 2013

Early Family History

My father was born ¼ Jewish in 1936 Budapest, didn't leave country until after the revolution was crushed in 1956. He and his sister managed to escape to Vienna, where she stayed, 
and he carried on to England.

Met my mother, born in Greenwich, December 1941, and with the help of her brother, my father got her drunk to have some fun, and knocked her up.  When my mother's family got wind of this, they gave dad an ultimatum, marry mom or be deported back to Hungary.  Last I heard from those who still in contact is that he spends much of his free time wondering why he married mom in the 1st place.  50+ year old baggage

A sister ensued, was the 'thing to do' then and my family emigrated to Canada in 1964, severing any close contact with mom's family, became issues later but another comment

Father became a workaholic to evade any domestic responsibly as well as some other fun on the side. Mom became an alcoholic, wonder why? but was still functional enough to provide and instill manners, being quite Victorian.

When 4 or 5, my parents were baffled by me getting caught stealing cookie so often. 
But, later, mom overheard my sister and I talking;

She said, #####, "do you wanna cookie?"
I would, naturally, say, "sure!"
and then she's say, "get me one too"

While quite immature, she caught on how to 'play' people, as well as framing me for her stunts. Dad was rarely in a good mood either, and if things went even slightly wrong, would explode in a rage, kick things and Xmas toys around, he detested that date, and I became the convenient scapegoat.

Recall my sister, suggesting that our parents could "split" at about age 7 for her, 
hence she was keen to what's going on. At that time, I was more in a daydream state 
and wasn't getting along great in school or the neighborhood

At 10, my sister was rendered barren by a pedophile, may have had several other assaults but can't separate from her possible confabulation now.

We were both entered, without notice or option, into Catholic School, mine junior high, both single gender, don't think I need to reveal what happened there. 
My mother thought it would be "better for us", by this time, mostly besotted

At 15, she contracted meningitis, progressing to epilepsy, ensuing brain surgery to correct that, and kidney failure when given a drug known that she was allergic to while convalescing.

The trauma of all this, often, malicious, adversity likely warped her reasoning and turned her more vengeful femme fatale. She told both our parents , and others, different things for her advantage, often my detriment too, as well as slash and burn with the boys

Later heard that our parents stayed together for "The Kids Sake".
Get a better handle on the psychodynamics if you know European history, 
my parents' parents, endured, WW1 and events Inter-War too

Ergo generational PTSD, which I read as;

Post-Trauma SURVIVOR Disposition, have an entry on Urban Dictionary, 

but I've started Recovering, rapidly too, a few years ago

"Some people use Religion to avoid going to Hell,
Others get Spiritual after Being There" 

"What a long, strange trip its been" - ♫ Truckin' ♪ - Grateful Dead

"You've come a long way baby" - Virginia Slims slogan 

More to follow

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Poetry. Proverbs, Quotes (some twisted) & Advice

"It's easy to spot flaws in other people but difficult to spot your own" — Arab proverb

But some people promptly point out flaws in others in order to distract them from their own — Cynicism

'Tis better to be Groovy than Grumpy,
some may recall a dwarf in an olde movie
that was named Grumpy,
Groovy was another dwarf in that movie,
but, in the flick, was named Dopey,
(used too much Medicinal cannabis)

Some Advice

The goal of Psychology is to manage the acquired resentment you get from Life (universal) in a way that doesn't bother or harm others (too much), including yourself
(don't be a manure spreader)

Would be nice if (cognitively constipated) @$$holes 
kept their crap to themselves 
(don't appease them with phenolphthalein-laced chocolate either)

Hanging on to your Past for Dear Life 
spoils the Present and can ruin your Future 

— Κόζμω 140820 FINAL

more about 'Groovy', using the same initial line, tend to think Fractal
'Tis better to be Groovy than Grumpy,
but beware of letting your Groove become a Rut,
if allowed to get deep enough,
it can become a Grave.
Also, beware of people offering some Groove, 
(especially when in Rut)
They may want to make Gravy out of you! 

"A government big enough to give you everything is also big enough to take everything you have" — Gerald Ford, 1976
(often wrongly attributed to Thomas Paine, common with quotes) 

A régime that promises the Moon often imposes such a high Tax on the Sun that most are deep in Debt, freezing in the Dark 
— Cynicism  

"Sanity and Happiness are an impossible combination 
— Mark Twain" (but kindly be a Reasonable Romantic)  

Live Well, Be Good & Love Great 
 personal tagline for just over a year

Monday, 21 July 2014

Androgynous Gospel

Matthew, chapter 19, Scholar's Version (SV)

11 … "Not everyone can will be able to accept this advice, only for those whom it is intended … 
12 … and their castrated men who have castrated themselves because of Heaven's imperial rule. 
If you are able to to accept this (advice), do so." 

Thomas, 114:1, Simon Peter said to them (other Disciples), "Make Mary (Magdelane) leave us, for females don't deserve life" 

The Petrine tradition is notably kind to women.  In the NT the Petrine epistles place women in a subordinate role [1 Pet. 3:1-6])

2, Jesus said, "Look, I will guide her to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males.
3, For every female who makes her herself male will enter the domain of heaven. 

The theological rationale for Jesus' reply is similar, but not identical to the notion elsewhere in Thomas that salvation consists in returning to to the state of primordial, androgynous perfection (Thom. 4:3†, 22:5‡).  Here, of course, the ideal of is not to become androgynous, but to become male".  In other texts dealing with ideas from Gnostic or speculative wisdom, the transistion from male to female is used as a Metaphor for translation from earthly to heavenly existence, from mortality to immortality.  

(There may also be a practical side to the saying, 
as women philosophers often disguised themselves as men).

This phrase is opaque, but occurs more than once in Thomas].  Here, as in 23:2,.  Here, as in 23:2, it designates a kind of soteriological (the study of religious doctrines of salvation) status without further explanation.  In , however it is associated with notion of androgyny.
Some Gnostic groups held that the origin of human sin was the creation of woman as distinct from man, a departure from the sexually nondifferentiated first human, Adam .
Thus the ultimate human destiny was to return to a primordial state of androgyny, the state of divine perfect before the fall.

 †4:3, … and will become a single one. 
 ‡ 23:2, … and they will stand as a single one.

While some Gnostic groups were egalitarian with respect gender, many were somewhat misogynist, identifying the origin of evil and sin in the world with the feminine.

Keep in mind that these texts were drafted in the 1st or 2nd centuries (and Taoism uses similar with the Yin-Yang), some 1800 years prior to Women's Suffrage

Source:  'The Complete Gospels", Robert J. Miller, Ed.  Polebridge Press 1992